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Winning the Call for Code was the start of our adventure. We never expected to win, but once we did we were inspired to help the farmers in the world cope with the changing climate. Extreme weather conditions makes it difficult for farmers to assess the right amount of water required for their crops. With our solution we help them manage their watering decisions.

Participation is welcomed from software developers, designers, testers, agronomists/agri experts/soil experts, IoT engineers, researchers, students, farmers, and others that can help improve the quality and value of the solution for small farmers around the world. Key areas the team are interested in developing include localizing the mobile app, considering soil properties for the improvement of the watering advice, updating project documentation, software and hardware testing, more in-depth research, and adding more crop data to the database.

Liquid Prep

Bringing watering advice to all farmers

Liquid Prep is an open-source project that originates from the winning team's idea of the Internal IBM Call for Code challenge in 2019.

Our team is dedicated to helping farmers in developing countries making the right decisions regarding watering their crops.


Our idea is to provide a very easy-to-use mobile application to provide watering advice to farmers. The solution uses a combination of diverse data of weather forecasts, crop information, and on-the-spot soil humidity measurements to generate watering advice. The advice is easily accessed on any mobile device that are used so frequently over the world.

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